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Top 5 Street Food Spots to Visit in Your Trendiest Bengali Printed T-Shirts

Do you live to eat and love exploring different foods? Is trying new food joints part of your weekend plan?

If so, this blog is for you. It will introduce you to street foods from the corners of Kolkata.

The actual magic happens on the streets, so forget about fancy dining dates and visit there immediately to taste its mouth-watering delicacies.

We're talking about delicious Fuchkas, Fish Fries, and Mishties that will satisfy your cravings for sweet or savoury food.

Food is a big part of Bengali culture, and so does the language!

There is no better way to blend these two cultural flavors than wearing a printed t shirt dedicated to Bengali's love for food.

Let's find out the top five Street Food Spots in Kolkata and the t shirt perfectly matched for every spot.


Explore Dakshinapan and Vivekananda Park to taste the best Fuchkas with the special Bengali printed T shirts "Fuchka Is Love"

Fuchka is Bengali's true love! We can't say no to Fuchka even when we are on a strict diet. Embrace your passion for this iconic street food by wearing our "Fuchka Is Love" t-shirt. Fuchkas are a Bengali street food that goes beyond just a snack. To taste the yummy Fuchkas you can visit Dakshinapan and Vivekananda Park Area which are located in south Kolkata. This area is famous for tasty Fuchkas. Embrace your passion for street cuisine from Bengal with our T-shirt. The distinctive print of this comfy and fashionable t-shirt is ideal for those who enjoy food and culture. It is a beautiful way to express your pride in Bengali culture and food.


Chai, Collegelife & Conversations - Enjoy Your Days in Jadavpur with Bengali printed T shirtsAmra Ki Cha Khabonah

Jadavpur place is more than just a strong student union and excellent academics. It is also a tea lover's paradise! Jadavpur offers a wide variety of chai options, catering to everyone's taste preferences—from creamy masala chai to raw chai. "Cha O Nachiketa" is a famous chai shop in the Jadavpur area, known for its unique flavor that adds an exciting twist to each cup of tea.

The Bengali printed T shirts "Amra Ki Cha Khabo Nah" is a great way to express your love for tea. This playful design and comfortable fit make this T-shirt ideal for tea lovers.


Enjoy Fish Fry’s crunchy feeling in Gariahat pairing with this Bengali printed T shirts

Do you miss Bengali fish fry's crunchy feelings? Then Gariahat is welcoming you! This colorful market area is home to a genuine gold mine of street food stalls that specialize in this traditional Bengali delicacy. The street foods of Gariahat offer flavourful chingri (prawn) fritters and Fish Fry. So, be ready to flaunt your love for the Fish Fry with our "Fish Fry" Bengali printed T shirts.

Express your love for Bengal cuisine with our tees, which have a delicious fish fry design. It is ideal for quietly showing off your passion for Bengali food!


Explore Authentic Bengali Thali in Sealdah with the comfort of Bengali printed T shirts

Feeling hungry after arriving at Sealdah Station? Wear your "Mache Bhaate Bangali" printed t shirts and get ready yourself for an exciting journey!

Sealdah is one of the busiest places in Kolkata. Many people go there every day, and the place provides good food to all of them.

Take your time to visit the area to find the hidden gems that offer Bengali thalis with authentic Bengali food.

Think of the rich aroma of an excellent kosha mangsho (mutton curry) or the tantalizing taste of Fish Curry that will make you lick your fingers. Follow it with a warm bowl of rice, a true Bengali staple, to soothe your soul. You can savor these flavors in many pice hotels in Sealdah, including Ayesh and Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel. The concept of 'Mache Bhaate Bangali'—a love of rice and fish deeply ingrained in Bengali culture—is beautifully represented by these Bengali printed T shirts.

Enjoy the exciting culinary culture and discover the genuine spirit of Bengali cooking, which is a celebration of fresh ingredients, simple yet tasty food preparation, and of course, an addiction to rice and fish.  So, take a short trip to Sealdah to explore Bengali street food with our Zodiar Tees!


Find the Sweetness of North Kolkata with this মিষ্টি-RIOUS Bengali printed T shirts

Are you a sweet lover?

Then you just need to visit the alleys of North Kolkata. Shops between the bustling streets of Shyambazar and Bagbazar in the North of Kolkata are sweet places to explore - a paradise of mishti that will attract your taste buds and take you away to a pleasant world. If you visit Kolkata, don't miss the famous rosogolla, a sugar and fresh milk dessert from Bengal that is frequently shaped in rounds, and the Sandesh, a milk-based sweet with mouth-watering taste.

North Kolkata is not just a place to satisfy your sweet cravings; it's a feeling that perfectly captures Bengali culture. Rosogolla was created by Nabin Chandra Das's century-old shop, and Bhim Nag is credited with creating Sandesh.

Explore the alleys of North Kolkata to feel the magic of Bengali mishti and show your love for Bengali culture with our 'Mishti-rious' Bengali printed T shirts. This cozy tee is ideal for mishti lovers because of its typical design. Show your pride in Bengali heritage with style and explore Kolkata food.

So, here you have it: a quick overview of the best places for street food in Kolkata, each nicely matched with a Zodiar Bengali-printed T shirts to show off your pride for Bengali street food as well as for Bengal. Remember, beyond just offering food, Kolkata's food culture offers an immersive experience that reflects the city's lively spirit, rich cultural legacy, and delicious tastes.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit our websites and check out a wide range of Bengali-printed T-shirts for Khadyo Roshik (food Lover) like you.

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